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SmartGoggles- For Sleep, Focus and Stress

SmartGoggles- For Sleep, Focus and Stress


It is commonly known that sleep is top of the list when it comes to recovery. Allowing your body to rest gives it time to repair and replenish, ready to go and go again. Not only does sleep aid you physically, giving your muscles time to repair and build, it also plays a huge part in your mental state. Switching off allows you to wake up and tackle the day with optimal focus and a clear mind. 

When sleep is not possible throughout the day, it is important to seek moments of relaxation. During a busy day of high mental stimulation, it is important to take time to slow down and take a break in order to continue at a fast pace. Alternatively, for an athlete on a big game day you may need to find time to relax and save energy before it is time to expend it all on the court or the pitch. Using SmartGoggles whilst you travel to a match, or to help with that post match insomnia, you can optimise your mood and sleep patterns to get the bast out of your performance. Therefore, devices have been developed to aid sleep and relaxation and that’s where the SmartGoggles come in!


Therabody has released the new wearable technology everybody is asking about. An eye mask powered by SmartSense Technology™ to: 

  1. Reduce stress and anxiety 
  2. Soothe headache and eye strain
  3. Improve sleep quality

But how does it work? The product uses a biometric sensor to tailor treatment specifically to you. Lowering your heart rate as you immerse yourself into scientifically-backed audio tracks that help you fall asleep, relax or promote focus. 

The SmartGoggles have 3 modes; massage, heat and vibration. They all work together using different routines depending on what you are looking for. The massage therapy linked with the heat works to reduce strain and release tension around the eyes. This works to ease discomfort linked to tension causing headaches and migraines. Alternatively, a pre nap routine provides a gentle temple massage paired with slow vibration patterns to lower your heart rate allowing you to drift off to sleep. To lower your heart rate during the day if you are suffering from high stress and anxiety, the scientists behind these routines have created a vibration pattern perfect to calm your body physically and mentally. Linked with the Therabody app, a number of routines can be used and customised to get the best out of your day. 

Additional SmartGoggle features include: 

  • Bluetooth-enabled with TheraMind: a multi-sensory sound therapy
  • 150 minute battery life
  • A foldable design to enhance portability
  • Leather front and interior panels



Are there different sizes?

No, the strap is adjustable to allow for a one size fits all device. 

Is there a case?

Yes, the device comes with a soft pouch to allow you to fold it up and carry it with you on the go. 

How do you clean the SmartGoggles?

The inner fabric can be cleaned with a non-abrasive, lint free cloth. The SmartGoggles are not waterproof so it is important not to allow any liquid to enter the product.

Do the audio tracks play out of the SmartGoggles?

No, the audio tracks are played via your smartphone. The Smartphone is linked to your device via bluetooth. 

How does it measure your heart rate?

The biometric sensor is on the inner part of the smart goggle. This works by measuring your blood flow to determine your heart rate. 

Is it heavy?

The device is 420g and should sit tightly on your face so it does not fall down. It is recommended that you wear the device lying down to get the full relaxation experience. 


Can I use it if I have a head wound?

No, it is not recommended if you have any open wounds, rashes or infections of the skin. In addition, the SmartGoggles should not be used by those with a cardiac, liver or kidney condition and it is advised that those with neurological and/or peripheral conditions should not use the product, as it may alter sensation and perception. If you are suffering from a medical condition, please seek medical advice before purchasing the product. 

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