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R8 and R8 Plus

How to:

If you have purchased an R8 or R8 Plus, better yet received one as a gift 'lucky' you're looking to purchase one. You probably want to learn how to use it. Watch the videos below for the best ways to use the R8.
You may find other ways to use it, and that's great!

R8 How to: IT Band

A frequently asked question is: "how do you easily get the R8 on"? Here is your answer and great tips on using the R8 on the IT-band.

R8 How to: Hamstrings / Quadriceps

Learn how to use the R8 on the hamstrings and quadriceps.

R8 How to: Glutes

Did you know the R8 works amazing on the glutes? Yep, and here is how.

R8 How to: Calves

Another top question we get is what is the best way to use the R8 on the calves and stay off the shin bone? Here is the answer.

R8 How to: Arms

You mean the R8 works on arms as well!? Yes, and it feels amazing. Here are some great tips for using the R8 on the arms.