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Muscle Rub - Relieve Sore Muscles & Joints Naturally

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The w.o.d.welder Muscle Rub is formulated to intensely treat the sore, achy areas of your body. Upon application, you'll feel a warming sensation, then a cooling, and ultimately the incredibly soothing feeling of your soreness going away. 

Features & Benefits:
- 2.65oz HEFTY tube with a 2 inch wide mouth for maximum coverage.
- 100% Organic Ingredients. 
- Fair Trade Certified.
- Not just warming or cooling..BOTH. 
- Truly soothing, check the reviews!

How to use: 
1.) Pop off the cap and twist up from the bottom of the tube to reveal the rub. 
2.) Apply to any sore or inflamed areas of the body. FYI: A little goes a long way. Start with just a small amount of rub showing over the tube and apply more as needed.
3.) Put the cap back on.
4.) Re-apply as often as necessary. The effective "icy-hot" feeling lasts quite a while.

After application it may take up to 5 minutes for you to feel the effect of the product. Don't worry, that's just the natural ingredients preparing themselves for healing.

We love to create natural products for not only their sustainability, but their versatility as well. Try our rub as a solution for the following problems.
- Stuffy nose: Just take a whiff! Or, apply directly underneath the nose. 
- Chest cold: Apply across the chest.
- Joint/muscle warm up: Getting ready for a bunch of squats? Apply this product on and around your knees while you warm up to help combat inflammation and stay ahead of the game. Same goes for elbows or any other joint.

This hefty twist up tube is built to last and it's 2 inch width allows for maximum coverage on the target area. Due to the natural ingredients, if this product is kept in a warm environment it may melt. If melting starts to occur, simply remove the product from the warm area as fast as possible and place in a cooler spot.

Organic pain relief created by athletes for athletes.