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Hyperice launches partnership with US Soccer Federation

Hyperice launches partnership with US Soccer Federation

Many professional sporting teams are waking up to the need for good quality recovery within their team development, and this has been illustrated by the news out of the states that the Hyperice has signed a multi-year deal to become the official Recovery Technology Partner of the Federation.

US player using Hyperice product

Why the move from Hyperice?

Hyperice provides some of the leading recovery technology for professional athletes, and Recoverfit is proud to offer their products as part of our UK offering. The move gives the US soccer teams, players, coaches and youth teams access to the award-winning technologies from Hyperice. The equipment will be able to be used pitch-side to aid the recovery for players competing in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and 2022 world cup.

The products from Hyperice have been part of the US team recovery strategy since 2013, Hyperice intends to also offer education on the latest innovations and wellness solutions that are used to develop player mobility and health.

The US Soccer Chief Commercial Officer David Wright was passionate about the move and was pleased that Hyperice had decided to come on board with the US team.


“Hyperice is an innovative, premium brand that has had a tremendous impact on high performance across the sports industry,” U.S. Soccer Chief Commercial Officer David Wright.


Mr Wright also commented that he was “excited to build and share the story of how the partnership will advance recovery and performance across the Federation.”

The move illustrates the need for a good recovery strategy, especially in elite level sports. If your players are out of action, they are not going to be delivering on the field. The ability to stay fit is often a trait overlooked in many professional athletes.


Should I invest in Hyperice products?

Getting the right equipment for your sports team is essential and with recovery getting the attention it deserves many are looking into the products from Hyperice as a way of looking after their player’s well-being, fitness and gaining a competitive advantage on the field of play.

Recoverfit works closely with Hyperice through their distribution network to deliver high-quality recovery equipment to those that need it most. If you are interested in learning more about products from Hyperice then feel free to browse our collection of the best equipment they have to offer.

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