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Therabody Summer Sale is now LIVE!


New Therabody Products: The Next Stage of Recovery

New Therabody Products: The Next Stage of Recovery

Therabody have expanded their product range and you’ve come to the right place to find out all about them! Here at RecoverFit we would like to introduce the RecoveryPulse, the TheraCup, the SmartGoggles and the RecoveryTherm. 

Here is a quick run down: 



A compression sleeve designed for optimal recovery with vibration and germanium-infused FlowKnit Fabric™ for a snug, comfortable fit. Available for the arm or calf, targeted recovery on the go has never been easier. The sleeves have 3 vibration settings and can be worn underneath clothing for everyday wear. The compression and vibration enhances blood flow so the RecoveryPulse is great for muscle warm up and is sweat resistant and machine washable for those heavy workouts! Available at RecoverFit from £129. (RecoveryPulse coming at a later date).



From just £134 at RecoverFit, cupping at home has never been easier. Cupping integrated with ThermaVibration™ Technology allows for professional grade recovery for everyone. The TheraCup is a 3 in 1 cupping device integrating suction decompression, heat and vibration. 

Key features include:

  • 3 intensity levels (30 kPa, 40 kPa, 50 kPa) of suction. 
  • 3 Heat therapy levels (41°C, 43°C, 45°C).
  • Vibration therapy with different settings- Low, High, and Wave.
  • 3 interchangeable cupping sizes- 35mm, 45mm, and 55mm.

This high tech cupping device has a number of features to create a digitised cupping experience with built-in safety sensors and on-device controls. 


The Smart wearable for sleep, focus, and stress. This is an eye mask powered by SmartSense Technology™ helps reduce stress, soothe headaches and improve sleep quality. Available at RecoverFit for just £174. 

Key features include: 

  • 3 customizable modes: Focus, SmartRelax, and Sleep
  • Multiple modalities: vibration, massage, and heat
  • Bluetooth-enabled with TheraMind — a multisensory sound therapy experience in the Therabody app, exclusively for your SmartGoggles routine

Whether you are looking to relax travelling to a big game or sleep off the headache that has been bugging you all day, this product provides it all!



The RecoveryTherm is a portable back and core wrap that incorporates heat and vibration therapy. The RecoveryTherm has 3 heat settings and 3 vibration patterns for you to choose from. With a simple design and connectivity to the Therabody app, heat therapy has never been easier! The RecoveryTherm has 360-degree heat therapy treatment allowing you to heat the front of your core and your lower back. 

Benefits of the RecoveryTherm include: 

  • Improved range of motion
  • Pain management 
  • Increases blood flow 
  • Reduces tension

Available at RecoverFit from £219. 


This is a quick overview of each product, check out each of the product pages for extra details and specifications. Alternatively, for more information please contact us on our live chat or call us on 01225223344, we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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