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Ice Baths - Which one is right for you?

Ice Baths - Which one is right for you?

Ice baths are hugely popular due to a number of physiological and psychological benefits to a daily dip in water temperatures 15°C or below.

These benefits include: 

  • Boosted immune system.
  • Improved blood circulation.
  • Deeper sleep.
  • Boosted energy levels.
  • Reduced inflammation.
  • Improved metabolic function.
  • Improved mood.
  • Aid recovery.

Here at RecoverFit you can purchase a range of baths, the choice is yours! Below is a quick run down of our range

Ice Tub

First up we have the Ice Tub! This is a solid, sturdy ice bath, great to pop outside and durable in all weather conditions. This means, once you have water in you can leave the tub with the lid on and add ice when you need to lower the water temperature. Equipped with a drainage tap to empty the water to clean the tub, which is super easy due to the smooth interior. The Ice tubs come in medium (320L and suitable for athletes up to 6'1") and large (420L and suitable for athletes over 6'1") and in a range of colours to choose from. Starting at £224.10 they are our middle of the range option here at Recoverfit 

The Ice Tub also has an inflatable option. A portable alternative that pumps up to become a robust tub large enough for two people to immerse themselves in the water. This ice bath also has a self-cleaning UV filtration system, and for an added bonus, an optional water chiller to maintain the perfect temperature for an instant ice bath experience. The inflatable tub comes with a lid to provide a barrier to the ice bath and the external environment. This tub is great for sports teams and ice bath lovers, easy to pump up in any changing room or space where you need to optimise your recovery on a daily basis! In addition, even better that you can fit two people in to share the cold water experience with and get athletes in and out post training!

Lumi Recovery Pods

The Lumi Recovery Pod™ Ice Bath is a 'fully-portable' insulated pod, incorporating layers of thermal insulated TPE protection that keeps the water at a steady temperature. We have 2 different Lumi recovery pod ice baths available to purchase at RecoverFit.

The standard Lumi recovery pod is a fully portable, insulated ice bath. Perfect for cold water therapy anywhere you need it! It has 3 layers of thermal insulated TPE protection to keep the water at a steady temperature. This ice bath comes with a thermo lid and you can purchase a weather cover. The weather cover is recommended if you are leaving the ice bath outside, just to protect it from rainwater and debris getting into your ice bath. This ice bath is perfect if you need an ice bath on a budget. In addition, with enhanced portability you can put it up and take it down with ease, great if you are travelling and require the ice bath wherever you go. This is the ideal beginners ice bath. 

The Recovery Pod MAX™ is an upgraded version of the original due to additional thermo insulation and the increased size. The Max has 5 layers of thermo insulation and an extra 100 litres (420 litre capacity in total). Also, you get some added extras including the lid, an all weather cover, a thermometer and a Lumi dry bag to carry all your wet belongings. All in all, you get a bigger, upgraded ice bath for an additional £50, definitely worth it if you are going to be a daily ice bather who wants to use it on the go and store outdoors. 

Lumi Recovery Pro

Lumi created a Recovery Pro range for icing enthusiasts and professional athletes, these ice baths are a game changer! With insulated hard walls, the water stays cool and you get to enjoy cold water therapy in a sturdy skin-friendly PVC barrel or tub. 

The Lumi Recovery PRO™ ice barrel is a similar, cylindrical shape to the Recovery Pod range, however it has an increased water capacity (520 litres) and is a much more sturdy model. The barrel has Ultra Durable Fibreglass Reinforced Skin-Friendly PVC, this makes for a more comfortable icing experience. In addition, the high pressure structure means leaning on the walls of the ice bath is not a worry. It comes with a specially designed lid, attachable using sturdy clips, creating a thermal bridge between the water and the external environment. 

The Lumi Recovery PRO™ ice bath is just as effective but a different shape. With a more bath-like shape it has a slightly lower water capacity (480 litre) than the barrel, however the longer, more shallow design allows for 2 people to fit in comfortably. Perfect to share a super cold ice bath with your teammates. This ice bath is a similar shape to the inflatable ice tub, the upgrade being the thermo lid. The clip on lid on the  Lumi Recovery PRO™ is slightly enhanced to keep that water temperature nice and cool. 

An additional extra available to purchase with the Pro range will take your recovery to the next level! The ​​Thermo CT1™ Chiller/Heater is a portable all-in-one contained unit, that can cool water to as low as 3°C or heat water to temperatures as high as 42°C. This elite home recovery allows for the user to have a fully customisable experience, using the WiFi-enabled Temperature Remote Control System to alter the water temperature. 


This is a run down of our current ice bath range. The Lumi Recovery Pod™ range is great for beginner ice bathers on a budget. It is the most portable of all the baths, so great if you need to take the ice bath on the go to competitions or on a quick getaway. The Ice Tub is the middle of the range tub, super sturdy and great if you want to just pop it outdoors, fill it up with water and not have to worry about it in all weather conditions. The Lumi Recovery PRO™ are elite level ice baths, an increase in price compared to the others but worth it for icing enthusiasts and sports teams. 

We hope this helps you make a more informed decision on which ice bath is best for you! As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help and answer any queries you may have. We are available on our website live chat, or please call on 01225223344.

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