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Does the PowerDot 2.0 help you build muscle?

Does the PowerDot 2.0 help you build muscle?

We are always on the lookout for the latest technology within the fitness and conditioning industry that we can bring to the Recoverfit community to help with recovery and bring our members towards their goals. 

This is one of the reasons why we now offer the PowerDot 2.0 muscle stimulator. The PowerDot increases blood flow and aids in the overall recovery process, but does the PowerDot help you build muscle? 

Here we review the PowerDot 2.0 and analyse the different benefits it can bring for your performance, including its implications on muscle growth and pain relief. First we explore the use of PowerDot technology for building muscle. 

Building muscle with the PowerDot 2.0 

When it comes to building muscle the work you do in the gym is only half the battle, you need to make sure your recovery is also on point. This article from Healthline offers insight into how to build muscle through the fundamentals of recovery including warm-downs, diet sleep and overall well-being strategies. 

We must stress that these are the most important parts of recovery, and they must be nailed down before you proceed with products like the PowerDot; but let's assume you have the basics covered, can the PowerDot help to build muscle? 

The short answer is absolutely! The PowerDot uses blood flow stimulation to target specific muscle groups with oxygen-rich blood, this helps to simultaneously speed up and improve the recovery process. Increasing your recovery will then enable you to get back in the gym no matter what mode of training you are currently working through. 

The PowerDot uses EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) to send electrical signals to the muscles and promote muscle contractions.  NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) causes both slow and fast twitch muscle contractions, which can provide different benefits for performance and recovery. 

The video from PowerDot belo provides information on the product. The product is connectable to the PowerDot app which gives you total control over how to use the product and also educational tools on how other professional athletes and enthusiasts are using the PowerDot to help their recovery. 






Some of the key benefits of using the PowerDot include: 

  • Increased athletic performance
  • Better quality injury rehabilitation 
  • Better supplements training
  • More effective warmups 
  • Accelerated muscle and joint recovery
  • Natural pain relief. 

The last one on that list is an interesting one, in addition to the muscle building benefits of the PowerDot, the technology can also provide some natural pain relief which we explore below. 

The PowerDot 2.0 also helps with pain relief 

One part of the recovery process is managing the pain that can come with fatigued or damaged muscles. If you are not looking to increase the amount of painkillers you are taking, then the PowerDot may be able to offer some assistance.

In addition to helping build muscle, the PowerDot can also help relieve pain from soft tissue injuries that can occur during training. It can also offer relief from other minor injuries including strains, pulls, sprains and post surgical pain. 

The reduced pain that can be experienced with the PowerDot can offer wider recovery benefits. If you are less sore and experiencing less pain in the gym, you can not only get back into training quicker, but will also be able to perform more intense exercises when you are in there. This can increase the progress towards your overall goals. 

Is the PowerDot worth investing in?

Overall the PowerDot has a lot to offer those looking to build muscle and relieve pain that they may be experiencing, our assessment is that it is a good way to get into the recovery sphere if you are not looking to invest too much too soon. 

The App-based system the PowerDot operates on makes it accessible for all levels of athletes no matter what sport you are competing in. Additionally as mentioned in the video above the app makes the PowerDot very transportable if you are looking to increase your recovery and build muscle on the road; this is one of the reasons why it is very popular with athletes who have to travel long distances on various ‘circuits’. 

Recovefit are the UK’s leading providers of PowerDot products so if you have any questions on what they are and if they are right for you then please get in touch with a member of our team. We also stock PowerDot replacement pads should you need them in the future after strenuous use. 

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