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4 ways the Hypervolt improves your home workout recovery time

4 ways the Hypervolt improves your home workout recovery time

Whilst gyms are set to open in early December the reality for many in 2020 has been a focus on home workouts, and for many, this hasn’t been so bad. Focused workouts with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Callisthenics have improved the strength and conditioning of many and been a big mental health boost through numerous lockdowns. 

If you have been smashing the home workouts, now might be a good time to consider recovery and how it will help put you in the best position to transition easily back to the gym environment. 

In our latest article, we take a look at the Hypervolt massage gun and how it can help improve your recovery when you are working out from home. 


 1. It provides fast release to minor strains

When you are working out from home the lack of weight lifting can lead to minor strains becoming an issue and whilst they are not major, they can be very irritating. Not only do they cause discomfort during the day, but they can also prevent you from working out altogether. 

The Hypervolt provides faster relief than many foam rollers and massages deep into the muscle tissue. The interchangeable heads also make it easy to find one that suits the muscle group you are targeting. 


 2. The Hypervolt helps with DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

In a similar way to strains, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) can cause minor discomfort which will greatly reduce your recovery time. Even experienced weightlifters found that after months of home workouts lifting even moderate weights in the gym lead to intense DOMS. 

The Hypervolt massage gun provides relief for muscle soreness and is a great way to speed up your recovery. That being said no matter if you are working out from home or the gym you should always ease back into weight training to avoid DOMS.


3. It can help improve your range of motion

Range of motion is very important when you are exercising, and it can influence the extent to which you become injured. Good range of motion coupled with good form will help get you the best results whether you are going for aesthetics or performance. 

The Hypervolt helps improve your range of motion and is a good way to speed up the recovery of muscle groups that may have experienced an intense workout. 


 4. The Hypervolt promotes better circulation

Good circulation is very important from a fitness recovery perspective. It helps speed up the rate at which damaged muscle fibres are repaired which is vital to muscle growth. The Hypervolt can help improve circulation by massaging areas of the body in a targeted manner, helping to promote muscle recovery. 

The Hypervolt is available from Recoverfit 

 Recoverfit is proud to stock a wide variety of different recovery products that help keep athletes and fitness enthusiasts in the best possible condition ready for when performance is needed. Take a look at the Hypervolt today to discover what it can do for your fitness recovery.  


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