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The Theragun guide: The Massage Gun Experts

The Theragun guide: The Massage Gun Experts


The massage gun is a well-known tool providing percussion therapy in the palm of your hands. A massage to warm-up your muscles and promote blood flow to the area, whilst also reducing soreness and breaking up any adhesions, causing muscle tension. It’s a no-brainer piece of equipment for those leading an active lifestyle. Used by elite athletes and as a tool by massage therapists themselves, massage guns are an effective recovery tool for all. 

The demand for the best massage gun out there has increased the range of massage guns available to purchase. This can be overwhelming! Which massage gun to choose can feel like a difficult decision to make. There are a number of aspects to take into account, including size, head attachments and price. 


Therabody are recovery experts that have produced a range massage guns for you to choose from. The 4 guns have differing aspects to cater for the needs of different people and lifestyles. However, there are a number of similarities that make all models a top of the range massage gun option. 

  • All 4 models have Active Torque Control™ to ensure treatment continues when pressure is applied. 
  • In terms of the treatment, the Prime, Elite and Pro are able to apply 16mm amplitude for deep muscle treatment and have 5 speeds to choose from (1750, 1900, 2100, 2200, 2400 PPMs). In addition, they are all compatible with the Therabody app via bluetooth. 
  • The Mini however, has a treatment amplitude of 12mm with three speeds to choose from (1750, 2100, 2400 PPMs). 

Theragun Prime 

The Prime has the trademark Therabody Triangle Ergonomic Multi-Grip Design, a 120 minute battery life and comes with 4 attachment heads for you to choose from. Standard capabilities allows you to control this gun via the Therabody app and flick through the speed settings on the gun. QuietForce technology reduces the noise made during treatments and the Active Torque Control™ maintains speed and depth for up to 30lbs of pressure applied. 

The Theragun Prime is available at for £275. 

Theragun Elite 

The Elite is the quietest device with a QX65 proprietary brushless motor with QuietForce Technology. This model has 120 minute battery life, wireless charging and advanced capabilities with bluetooth, built in routines and a Force Meter. The treatment settings can be maintained with up to 40lbs of applied pressure and 5 different head attachments are supplied. 

The Theragun Elite is available at for £375.

Theragun Pro 

The Pro gun is the most powerful device in the range with a QX150 professional-grade motor. With a maximum no-stall force of 60lbs and two external batteries to be used on rotation, this gun is perfect for use in clinics and sports teams when under high demand. A 300 minute battery life and wireless charging, this gun never sleeps! Along with the traditional Therabody Triangle Ergonomic Multi-Grip Design, the Pro gun has a rotating arm. 4 different arm positions to apply treatment to those hard to reach muscles at all angles. In addition, this device comes with 6 attachments and advanced capabilities including 3 built in presets and Therabody app connectivity. 

The Theragun Pro is available to purchase at RecoverFit for £469. 

Theragun Mini 

The Mini maximises portability for on the go relief. With 12mm aptitude for a quick massage treatment, this massage gun has 150 minute battery life and a 20 lbs maximum no-stall force. The Theragun mini has an ​​​​Ergonomic Grip, different from the other 3 models, and is the lightest, smallest device, perfect to pop in your bag and recover anytime, any place. It comes with one head attachment and is available to purchase from RecoverFit in two different colour choices. 

The Theragun Mini is available at RecoverFit for £155. 

Theragun Comparison Table


Theragun attachments 

There are 6 different head attachments great for different areas of the body. Although the uses of these attachments are suggested, it is important that you try them out and figure out which ones are best for you and your body. Each feeling is different on different muscle groups, it means you get a variety of massage treatments with one gun. They are all available to purchase separately on 

  1. Supersoft- A super gentle option for areas of high soreness or for use near joints and bone- Included with the Theragun Pro only.
  2. Dampener- Perfect for overall use, but also good for tender areas- Included with the Elite, Prime and Pro.
  3. Standard ball- Great for overall use on all muscles- Included with all Theraguns.
  4. Thumb- Used mainly for trigger point release and lower back relief- Included with the Elite, Prime and Pro.
  5. Cone- Used for a pin point massage treatment in the hands and feet- Included with the Elite, Prime and Pro.
  6. Wedge- Great for releasing the IT-band and shoulder blade area. Also ideal for flushing motions along larger muscle groups- Included with the Elite and Pro.


Which Theragun is best? 

That all depends on what you are looking for. The Pro gun is great for continuous use in a clinic or sports team as it has a long battery life and external batteries. The Elite is the quietest option and the Prime is the cheapest larger gun. The Mini is great for portability and use on the go. Picking which gun is best is dependent on what aspects are most important to you and suit your lifestyle. 


Why does the Mini not have a Triangle handle? 

The Theragun Mini has a different design to provide a smaller Theragun option. The Mini has an ergonomic grip that fits nicely in one hand. 


Can I link these to the Therabody App? 

Yes, you can link Theraguns to the Therabody app to control the settings on your smartphone via Bluetooth. 


Do they come with a case?

The Thergun Elite and Pro come with a protective carry case and an extra pouch to carry the head attachments. Whereas the Thergun Prime and Mini come with a soft pouch to transport your gun in.


What is Percussion Therapy?

Massage guns are used to administer percussion therapy. This therapy involves repetitive, rapid pressure onto the muscle area, along with vibration. Forcefully applying pressure deep into the soft tissue with vibration on the surface.

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