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Nubis generation 2.0!

Nubis generation 2.0!

Our Nubis range has undergone an upgrade creating the next generation of ultra portable massage beds. The updates allow for these massage beds to have advanced stability, refreshed bed design and additional accessories for you to enjoy! 

Nubis table upgrades:

  • 3d engineered frame: Thicker, stronger, minimised airiness at connection parts, allowing for increased stability.
  • Updated height adjustability: New height ranges, from 58 – 80 cm, which is ideal to cover practically all our customers 
  • New design: Softer edges with rounded profiles for the ultimate comfort. In addition to a new frame colour,, resistant to dirt and scratches.
  • Updated XL frame: Optimised with only 4 extenders (before 8)


New accessories: 

  • Foot pump: Now available for tables
  • Updated standard bag: Updated design, stronger, much more robust material!
  • New optional Hard case: Heavy-duty case, prefect for frequent flyers, with the option for personalisation


Go and check out the most popular portable massage bed here at Recoverfit! You can still compact everything into a rucksack to take away with you, or better still, upgrade to a hard case for those longer travels! If you have any questions regarding the Nubis 2.0, please don't hesitate to contact us either by phone or on our live chat. 

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