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Ryan Brunt on supplying the NFL with recovery systems

Ryan Brunt on supplying the NFL with recovery systems

Exeter City Ryan Brunt has been given another boost in his blossoming RecoverFit business with the news that they are to supply the NFL with NormaTec recovery systems for their UK fixtures this season.

Brunt is the founder of RecoverFit, which, as well as being the UK distributor for NormaTec systems, which help with rapid recovery, operates as a gym in Exeter and specialises in cryotherapy recovery.

With a new 'TrainFit' project on the horizon, the company recently announced they would be partnering the NFL this season to help with their recovery.

The striker was pleased about having such a high-profile client, having previously worked with the likes of Anthony Joshua.

He said: "It's taken a lot of hard work to arrange. Recoverfit is the UK distributor of Normatec and the NFL were looking for equipment as they don't want to travel with it.

"We've worked with high profile athletes before but NFL stars come in all shapes and sizes, so there's hard work ahead.

"I've watched big NFL games like the Superbowl and I'm hoping to get to one of the UK ones."

With Brunt having had experience at Premier League level thanks to Stoke City, he said being able to experience how the highest-level of a different sport operates was an interesting experience.

He said "I've been at Premier League level and obviously also League Two clubs so it was interesting to see what goes on in other sports.

"They have four games in the UK but, even with four games, they have international offices in Soho in London that were really impressive."

Brunt is still in the process of recovering from a long-term knee injury sustained in March 2016 and he says that being at a club like City is helping him, as they are keen not to rush him back to playing too early.

He said: "Things were going really well and I was getting in the squad, which was great, then it sort plateaued a bit, so I’ve been out of the squad recently.

"I don't want to put a timescale on it but it's good that I've been given time to get back to full fitness instead of being rushed back - rather than playing a few games, they want me for the longer-term.

"It's one of the great things about being at Exeter, most clubs wouldn't give me the opportunity that Exeter has."


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