RecoverFit Strava Club
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RecoverFit Strava Club

RecoverFit Strava Club

We are pleased to announce that we at RecoverFit have created an online exercise platform, combined with Strava, to grow our fitness community. This platform will allow exercisers of all ages and ability to build connections with one another. Sharing kudos for your exercise or even exploring new routes which are local to you, Strava is an international platform that we believe is the best way to create a community feel for our athletes.

“At RecoverFit, we are still trying to find ways to become more personable and involved with our athletes”, commented Ryan Brunt, the RecoverFit Managing Director. 

“Within the office, we decided to challenge one another after being inspired by the London Marathon. We think that by challenging one another, we can collectively inspire others to challenge themselves too”. 

Using Strava, we aim to provide a positive, healthy platform for our athletes to share their workouts with one another. And along the way, we may throw in some challenges too...

So What Exactly Is Strava?

Strava is the world leading online exercise platform, where users can share their walks, runs and general exercise sessions. You can share your workouts to members of your community, and track your progress if you have set recent goals! Essentially, Strava is the leading social media platform for athletes, 

Our Strava club is designed to allow our community to come together and participate in virtual running events, share their workouts, and motivate each other to reach their fitness goals. Throughout the year, we shall be creating competition, doing challenges for some great causes and even throwing some giveaway prizes for the winners! Be a part of something special, and get to meet other members of the RecoverFit community through our passion for exercise (and recovery!). 

How Do I Join?
  1. Simply download the Strava app in your app store 
  2. Create your account / login 
  3. Click ‘Groups > Clubs > Search for the group ‘RecoverFit’ 
  4. Click Join Group and you will become a member of our community!

OR, if you’d like to join our group through the link, we have attached it below: 

If you have any questions at all about our community or whether you’ve got any challenges you’d like us to start on Strava, please do get in touch! We want to hear from you!


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