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Normatec 3 + Backpack OFFER - Save £247.50!
Normatec 3 + Backpack OFFER - Save £247.50!


The Normatec Lower Leg Is Here!

The Normatec Lower Leg Is Here!

The Normatec Go/Lower legs have arrived in the UK!

Similar to what you have seen from Hyperice before, targeted massage for fresh legs backed by the same science, however the Normatec Lower Leg is completely portable and delivers dynamic air compression to the calf muscles to increase circulation and reduce pain and tension in the legs. This new innovative lightweight wearable requires no hoses or separate unit so you can enjoy dynamic air compression massage while standing at your desk or relaxing at home and beyond. 

 The Normatec Lower Leg is made specifically for the calf muscles to flush out and rejuvenate your entire lower body. The calf muscle plays an important role within the circulatory system of the body. Targeted dynamic air compression massage on the calves is scientifically proven to significantly reduce inflammation and pain and increase circulation throughout your entire lower body.

Normatec Lower Leg features revolutionary HyperSync™ technology to synchronise the set of wearables for a symmetrical massage. With three zones of overlapping gapless 360-degree compression, Bluetooth® enabled controls via the Hyperice App, and seven levels of customizable compression – Normatec Lower Leg is the most innovative mobile dynamic air compression system on the market. 


Normatec 3 vs. Normatec Lower Leg

The main differences between the Normatec 3 and the Normatec lower leg

  • The Normatec 3 covers the whole leg compared to the Lower Leg just focusing on the calf muscle. 
  • There is no additional control unit to carry around for the Normatec Lower Leg, making them fully portable.
  • Finally the price difference as the Normatec Lower Leg is slightly cheaper than the Normatec 3. 


For more information on the Normatec Lower Leg please contact us on our Live chat or call us on 01225223344, we'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have! 



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