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Welcome to the UK's Most Trusted Recovery Store
Welcome to the UK's Most Trusted Recovery Store

SUJI Blood Flow Restriction Compression Training

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Reduce joint pain and improve muscle performance with Suji’s personalised blood flow restriction (BFR) training wrist cuffs. This innovative device uses blood flow restriction to help increase your workout intensity and performance. 

The Suji BFR device compresses the blood flow to your limbs during low-intensity exercise to create the same conditions in the muscle as high-intensity exercise. Recommended by athletes to improve performance and recovery.

Limb Size                  Suggested Cuff Size
<17"                           18"
18" to 23"                  24"
24" to 29"                 30"

What's in the box?
Suji Cuffs x2 
Carry Case
Charging Cable

Size: 24" Cuff - Medium