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RecoveryAir: The Therabody Compression Boots

RecoveryAir: The Therabody Compression Boots


Compression boots are leg sleeves with a connected or built in pump unit. This pump creates a pressure build up in the leg sleeves, essentially creating a squeezing sensation around your legs. The pressure build-up and release creates intermittent pressure patterns throughout the chamber compartments of the boots, working to massage your legs. This massage sensation causes a number of physiological benefits similar to that of active recovery, but instead of moving you get to sit back, relax and reap the benefits!

Compression boots have become a widely used recovery tool for individuals looking to enhance blood flow, promote lymphatic drainage and recover faster in between exercise sessions. The multiple benefits of compression boots means they are not only popular in the world of athletes, but also beneficial for everyday life, to increase mobility, enhance flexibility and even reduce swelling that may be caused by medical conditions such as lymphedema. 

The rise in popularity for the use of compression boots promoted the manufacturing of a number of different options for individuals to choose from. But this can be overwhelming! Knowing which compression boot is best for you can be tricky to decide. With a wide range to choose from, looking at the pros and cons of each is the best place to start. 


Therabody are recovery experts that have designed three different leg compression systems, each with a variety of characteristics to cater for the needs of different people and lifestyles. However, there are a number of similarities that make all three models a top of the range compression system competing with the best of the best. 

  1. First of all the proprietary technology used sets Therabody apart from other compression boot brands. FastFlush™ Technology is used, this means the boots inflate to cause a pressure build up, followed by a release of pressure. It’s this inflation and release of pressure that is 2-3x faster than other compression boot brands. The benefit of FastFlush™ Technology is that one inflation and deflation cycle lasts just 60 seconds, resulting in more complete cycles in one recovery session. 
  2. TruGrade™ Technology is linked to the way in which the compression boots pump pressure into each chamber of the leg. There is a slightly increased pressure at the foot chamber, gradually reducing as you move up the leg, creating a negative gradient. This negative gradient from the feet moving up towards the heart and back down again optimises blood circulation through the lower body. 
  3. An additional aspect of all three models is that they are all compatible for use on the Therabody app, allowing you to control your recovery session from your smartphone.
  4. Furthermore, pressure on the compression boots reach up to 100mmHg and there are a minimum of 2 pre-set programs on all models. 

RecoveryAir Pro

The Pro is the top of the range Therabody compression boot. This is mainly due to the high levels of customisation, allowing you to set the perfect program for your recovery needs. 

  • The system comes with 4 preset programs (warm up, recovery, isolation and interval) for you to choose from.
  • 4 different inflation cycles (Sequential, Wave, Isolation, and Flow) for you to try out. 
  • Alternatively, if you want to start your own program, you can choose your timings to the nearest 5 minutes between 10-90 minutes. 
  • Pressure selection between 20-100mmHg at 5mmHg increments. 
  • There is even adjustable hold (1-10s) and release (10-60s) time which is unique to the Pro system. 

These personalised programmes is what makes the RecoverAir Pro stand out from the rest. Your personalised routines can even be saved to the Therabody app, so when you try out all the different elements, you can save your favourites to use daily. 

The RecoverAir Pro has a 2.14kg external pump with a 240 minute battery life. Available at Recoverfit for £1,129.

RecoveryAir Prime 

The Prime model is the most cost effective system in the range. Slightly less customisable than the Pro. 

  • 2 preset programs for you to try (warm up and recovery)
  • Save as many personalised programmes as you like to the Therabody app. 
  • There are 4 time intervals (20 min, 40 min, 60 min, and continuous) 
  • Pressure settings between 20-100mmHg, going up in 10mmHg increments. 

The Prime has a slightly lighter external pump than the Pro at 1.46kg, but with a lower battery life of 180 minutes. The RecoverAir Prime is available at RecoverFit for £599. 

RecoveryAir Jetboots

The Jetboots are the most recent addition to the Therabody compression boot range. The portability of this system gives this model its unique selling point. 

  • The Jetboots are the only model with an internal pump integrated into the actual leg sleeve making it completely wireless. All you need to do is charge it up and you can use it anywhere, without the need to carry around an additional pump unit. 
  • 2 preset programs (warm up and recovery) 
  • 4 time intervals (20 min, 40 min, 60 min, and continuous). 
  • Due to the internal pump it has slightly reduced customisation, with just 4 pressure settings to choose from (25, 50, 75, 100 mmHg). 
  • With use of the Therabody app, any personalised routines can be saved for future use. 

These on the go recovery boots have a 240 minute battery life and are available for purchase at RecoverFit for £799. 

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Which RecoverAir boots should I choose? 

This decision is completely up to you! But hopefully this article helps you choose. If high levels of customisation are important to you, whether it’s for your own use or a number of different people in a sports team or at a clinic, then the RecoverAir Pro might be best for you. Alternatively, if portability is high on your list, allowing you to recover on the go, then the Jetboots are best suited to you. Finally, if you are just looking for a compression boot that will provide you with reduced feelings of DOMS and you may be on a budget, then the RecoverAir Prime boots would be perfect. 


Is Therabody the only compression boot brand? 

There is a wide range of compression boot brands out there. Check out the full compression boot guide in the product advice section of our RecoverFit articles!


Are these the same as Normatecs?

Normatec and RecoverAir products are both compression systems. Similar in that they use pump units to provide you with recovery using intermittent squeezing of the limbs to increase blood flow and promote lymphatic drainage. Normatec systems are made by Hyperice and RecoverAir are produced by Therabody. Both top of the range recovery brands available at 


When would I use compression boots? 

Compression boots have a number of benefits making them great for use at any time in the day. They can help warm up the legs pre workout by getting the blood flowing through your muscles. Post-workout they are great to promote lymphatic drainage and stimulate the recovery process. They are also perfect if you just want to sit back, relax and get a leg massage in your very own home!


Can I rent these compression boots? 

Compression boots are available for rental on 


Do they have different sizes? 

Small, medium and large sizes are available in all 3 RecoverAir compression boot systems. 


Do they come with a bag? 

RecoverAir compression boots come with a pouch to carry your boots and a pouch to carry an external unit if applicable. A ProPack is available for purchase at RecoverFit for just £129, perfect for carrying the whole system wherever you need them. 


Are compression boots the same as compression leggings? 

Compression leggings are garments worn to squeeze a muscle, at a low continuous pressure, often worn for long periods of time to promote muscle recovery. On the other hand, compression boots use intermittent compression provided by a pump unit, promoting blood flow and lymphatic drainage using high levels of pressure. This pump essentially blows up the leg sleeve to squeeze your muscles throughout your recovery session, leaving your legs feeling great after just 20 minutes.

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